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Posts: 25,061'd be hard to say, I'd have so many questions, haha! The obvious one would be "how did I get here??" But I wouldn't really complain or wonder too much about that, I mean, there's a Pokemon world out there to enjoy, and Pokemon to catch, so why wonder how you got there when you have to make the most of what you have, anyway??

At first I'd imagine I'd feel like a stranger, but that's only for a few seconds while I find a way to immediately make myself here at home! And I'd definitely enjoy the experience of being in the X/Y world, and I think it'd be something I'd find a lot more enjoyable than just simply living in other regions! Maybe the cities in this region are bigger, more livelier and the Gym Leaders are more challenging and that would all be a wonderful experience, in the end, yeah? :3 I'd like to meet people, and having them show me around the region and stuff, it'd be awesomeeee! @_@

like sandcastles against the tide.

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