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I saw what was probably a fraud list of Pokemon from sixth gen earlier today- I was fairly certain it was fraud because of some of the names and typings (they suggested Yveltal was ghost/flying and Xerneas was rock/psychic. They also suggested a pre-evolution to Pinsir and heracross- as well as evolutions to Sawk and Throw named Sawkem and Throwem ) BUT- I didn't care that it was fake or that it was potential news on sixth gen. I cared that there were a lot of typings I really wanted to see.

Grass / Fire was one, and a LONG standing typing I've wanted to see. Besides all the weaknesses of each typing their pairing neutralizes, they would have pretty good offensive attack types, and if it got a decent move pool, there would be tons of things you could do with it! I really think Grass Fire would be a neat type :3 A few other ones they suggested were Dark Electric, Fighting Flying, and Fire Psychic. ALL typings I'd love to see that font exist yet.