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Ok, now I am getting infinite Stardusts here, the item is still bugged:

After picking it up, and moving, it reappears, so I can get infinite Stardusts! The HM04 event worked fine this time, but I already had the HM because I edited my SAV using Enciclopedia Pokémon to get it (without it, I would not have been able to go through Carmine Isle Cave).

EDIT: 3 more bugs, one of them gamebreaking:

You have to speak to this Grunt to fight, you can skip her because she won't want to battle if you pass by her.

This one is gamebreaking, because I cannot keep going even when the doors are open, there's a movement permission error.
Also the door of the 3rd Gym is closed. I have already got the Badge so it's not a problem, but I guess that after that Carmine Isle event the Gym should be opened...

Also, can you explain me again how to get HM02 Fly? Am I supposed to be able to have it by now or not? Have I already been at Leroy's House...? Because I can't remember...
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