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Not too much happened today, since I have a lot of homework and I've hit another roadblock.

- After a bit of training, Hydra learned Dragon Rush, so I decided to head back to the gym and try for the millionth time.

- With an incredible combination of Moomoo Milks, a critical hit, and a Dragon Rush, Hydra was able to 1HKO Excadrill!

- Collected my fifth Gym Badge and made my way to the Pokemon World Tournament.

- Easily swept through Darke and Cheren, but came to another roadblock with Colress. This guy uses only Steel types, and all my moves are ineffective against his Pokes.

- Colress wiped the floor with me thrice before I finally decided I needed some more training.

- Now that I have the fifth gym badge, gonna try and evolve Hydra before returning to the tournament to kick Colress's ass.

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