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Ooo.... New idea? Tell me about it :3.
Oh wait. I'm supposed to only say this in real life. -Smashes head against wall. Then reads comments above-
Such a good idea. But when ypu talk about team rocket, Daniel is gonna be all like "Whaaa?". There were no ways of communication in his village, remember? But anyway, I'm working on the moves for the bunch of pokémon Daniel's getting for Christmas. I have an idea for Christmas- a flock of Delibird comes to the academy, and give out the presents :3.

I also remember a joke I made when I first got Pokémon White, because of all the Gary "YOU LITTLE..." Oak.
You are walking around. You finally trained your Pokémon to be awesome. It took months. Bianca comes by, and challenges you to a battle. You are fine, after all, you'll end this quickly and be on your way. And then, Bianca sends her Musharna out, level 16. You laugh- you have a Krokorok level 20. You are about to use Crunch, when Musharna uses Hipnose. You are out of any waking items. You just wait till your pokémon wakes up. While this happens, the Musharna keeps using Defence Curl. You finally wake up... And Musharna uses Hipnose again.

Because Bianca "Long lost cousin of Gary Oak" Idunnoherlastname, just loves watching you, through the Nintendo screen, smashing your head against the wall and rage quiting.

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