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Planning is over now that the date is getting ever closer, but I did add Spring Forward (Seasonal Ladder) and PU to the list of themes. The tournament themes are now set in stone, so start making those teams!

Quote originally posted by GolurkIsDaBomb:
I had another idea (although it's similar to my first idea since they're both about spring :P)

Maybe we could have a weather themed NU, where you have to have a pokemon with either rain dance or sunny day, and then you had to have a grass type that is a flower (so like bellossom)

Kind of an april showers bring may flowers type of deal. (except with sun thrown in XD)

Hm, this is kind of like a parallel to the glaceon NU tourney for last commday haha
I think we're good with just one Spring-themed metagame, but I'm going to add Spring Forward to the list because the Seasonal Ladder was very popular last time. Spring Forward is pretty similar to your idea anyway.

Quote originally posted by roosterman:
not sure if anyone else wants it but i would really like a wifi tournament.
Only if more Wi-Fi battlers are willing to participate. Last time we had about two Wi-Fi battlers on, despite a good deal of TC knowing about it.
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