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I really had to think for a long time before answering this poll, and I chose FR/LG ONLY because Kanto was my first region and LeafGreen was the first game I completed. I think there were some features that I loved in RSE that weren't in FRLG just because they were remakes, and that was a shame. C'mon, berry planting and secret bases? I would've loved to see those in Kanto, same with a PokeGear for easy rematches. All in all, though, I think I liked FRLG better.
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My games & progress:
Red - 6 badges
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Diamond - 8 badges, E4, working on dex
Pearl - 8 badges, no E4 yet
SoulSilver - 16 badges, no Red, working on dex
White - 8 badges, no E4
Black 2 - 7 badges
X 8 badges, E4, working on dex