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Finished the Johto leg of my journey, time for a quick update:

Ultimate Flying-Mono Challenge: Heart Gold

- Went to Ecruteak and beat the Kimono Girls, then went to Bell Tower and beat Ho-Oh

- Made the long trek to the Indigo Plateau and beat Falcone in Victory Road

- Level grinded for a bit then challenged the Elite Four

- Destroyed Will with Scyther

- Beat Koga with little effort

- Wiped the floor with Bruno thanks, once again, to Scyther

- Beat Karen with, you guessed it, Scyther

- Had a close fight with Lance but managed to pull through thanks to my Garydos and his Ice Fang

- Entered into the Hall of Fame


Wow, I knew Scyther was good, but holy crap is he ever awesome! I don't think I'll ever use a Scizor again!

Yellow: 8/8l Crystal: 4/16

Ultimate Fairy-Mono Challenge
Kalos: 6/8

Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

On Hold:
Dark - on Gen IV lll Flying - on Gen IV lll Ground - on Gen IV
Psychic - on Gen IV lll Steel - on Gen IV