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Second Update!

Leveled up all my pokemon to be around the same before making my way across the water to visit chuck. His Poliwrath proved to not be much of an issue as my new Lanturn easily took it down.

Next up was Jasmine, who I figured would be an easy victory using with all of my pokemon having an advantage over Steelix. The magnemite were not too difficult to defeat either

After my victory, I figured I should add a 6th member to the team. So I surfed and picked up a new Magikarp

And that finally rounded out my team. Got Magikarp to evolve and leveled up to around the same as the rest of my team. They easily defeated the Red Gyarados and Team Rocket, and then it was time to face Pryce.

Feraligatr surfed away his Piloswine and then it was on to face Team Rocket once more. They proved an easy challenge once again, and I made my way to face Clair.

The goal of this one was pretty much to Ice Punch my way through as much as I could. I left out Feraligatr for the case in which all plans failed. Fortunately, Tentacruel was very useful in this battle and was able to take out her Kingdra in the end.

Next up was the elite 4.
But first, while grinding, I found this!!!!!
Sorry, thats just the second one I've ever seen in my entire life.

But anyway, first up was Will.

Lanturn basically soloed this one, Sparking the whole way through. Following him was Koga.

More or less the same as the first one, but with Quagsire's Earthquake. Lanturn then took out his Crobat.

I actually almost fell to Bruno's Machamp, but Gyarados was able to come in and finish everything else.

I usually have the most trouble with Karen, but Tentacruel was really awesome in this one. Lanturn was brought in to finish it off. And then finally, Lance

Like against Clair, I tried to Ice Punch everything I could leaving Feraligatr for last. But Poliwhirl ended up doing a great job and I was crowned champion!

That's all I've got for now, next up is Kanto!

Current Team:
Level 48
Thunder Wave

Level 46
Sludge Bomb

Level 46
Ice Punch

Level 51
Ice Punch

Level 45

Level 47
Ice Punch
Body Slam