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Originally Posted by 雷影 イチロ View Post
Wait for Tom, then Skymin and I will follow up with a post for you two.

EDIT:@Nakuzami: While I like the ability, you may want to change it to something more practical. If you can, this would me much appreciated, since it can involved certain discrepancies with other RPers.
You accepted it last time.
And last time, I think it was worse. xD

If I make a new ability
I must select a new character
And I'm already using Destiny with her power in Reapers
And Kris is probably a bit overpowered, although only at full capacity
And Sierra and Dimitri have boring ol' Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis, respectively.
And Dustin has Terrakinesis, but he's an awkward character
And Nel has Technokinesis, but I'm not sure if he exists in this time period
And Luna and Solissa have Hydrogenesis and Pyrogenesis, and abilities to control Night and Day, but they won't live for at least another century. As well as all of the characters that surround them, which I can't really name right now because I'm blanking.
And Melody has Sono/Echo/Audio/Acousto/whatever-it's-called-kinesis, and Harmony has Vocalkinesis, but they have another two centuries to wait.
And Shun, Winter, Zorya, Daren and Colette have Aero-, Umbra-/Erebo-kinesis, Power Augmentation, and absolutely nothing, respectively, and they also have another two centuries to come in.
And and and . . . oooooooooh my, see what you made me do? I ranted. xD

Btw, you can not accept Mr. Melon.
He is a horrible father
and it's just not allowed.

EDIT: Not to mention I had this whole story-arc for Krystal
and while I could continue it with her as an NPC
it would be less interesting
and less . . . prominent.
Ichiro, I think you broke me.

EDIT2: AAAAAAH, and if I use a character from a later time period, not only will it feel WRONG, but I'll compulsively do the whole Heroes must-connect-all-of-my-characters-together thing and I'll just get annoying and SICK.

EDIT3: AAAAAAAH! But I'm seriously fine with switching a character if I must, I guess.
I'll just have to restart the SU.

EDIT4: Yeah, I know, I'm annoying. Live with it, lol.

EDIT5: Oh, there's also Kojii, but he's technically my friend's character that I made my own version of.
He has Electrokinesis and no real story yet.
But I don't know if I'd want to use him, lol.

EDIT7: PS - I have a million characters after that, lol.

EDIT6: Put it in a spoiler because it was getting obnoxiously long, lol.


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