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Issac Milke - Volcano

Issac followed C.J. further up the path, as they hastily made their way away from the Tyranitar's cave. Before too long they hit the sigh saying 'Volcano Ahead'.
“Guess we’re getting pretty close.” C.J. said causing excitement to grow in Issac.
"Great!" Issac replied.

So many potential new team mates.. I have no idea who I will be coming out with!

Howls could be heard all around from Houndoom and Houdoor causing Trunks to sprint right into Issac's leg.
"Ouch Trunks! You need to watch you step, pal" Issac scolded.

"Twwi-" Trunks shuddered as the idea of fire pokemon struck him with fear. "I'm at such a disadvantage here..." he said to Ax.

"Look C.J.! That cave looks quite illuminated. Should we check it out?" Issac asked.
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