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Second play-through on Hard-Classic. Only perfect map I've done was Paralogue 1. Got Donnle to Level 3, got both chests open, got Vaike to Lv10 to re-class him, got Sumia to Lv5.

Great level. First try, no resets.

Vaike as a barbarian/berzerker is amazing. He just smashes everything. My first game used a lot of speed-demon and magic users, but not strength based bruisers.

My new Avatar, Julius, is +Speed/-Magic. I thought about marrying Lucina for the Stats. (+9 speed). But I might marry for love. I LOVE Sully. She is my favorite character. I have not unlocked Anna yet, but from what I have seen... I'm curious.

I don't know who to marry. Marrying the Avatar to Lucina would give her a good partner, which she never had last game. She was always alone because she can only form supports with other Children. Plus, there are some ironic spoiler reasons to be married to Lucina before the climax of the game.

Sully is awesome and needs no explanation. "Because reasons are for chumps!"