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Black 3 and White 3
You start in the bustling Castelia city, and are given a starter and a Pokedex by Hugh, who decided he wanted to help the new Pokemon Professor Bianca distribute Pokemon and Pokedexes. Team Plasma was reformed, but Ghetsis perished within the two years between games. When Ghetsis was on his deathbed, he declared Zinzolin, one of the seven sages, to become the leader of the third reincarnation of the villainous team. This time around, the team wants to use the powers of Volcarona, a rare Bug/Fire type Pokemon found in the Relic Castle, to plague humans with deadly viruses and set the forests of Unova ablaze. As you embark on your long journey through the new, new Unova, you will have to make new friends, gain knowledge and respect, and eventually force Team Plasma to disband for the third and final time.

Not 300 words, but good enough IMO.

Ghetsis: Steal that Purrloin for me while it's wet and can't escape.
N: Never. I learned a lot after being defeated by that trainer 2 years ago, including that Pokemon aren't tools!
Ghetsis: You're dead to me.

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