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C.J Styles - Volcano (cave)


Humph. Funs over I guess.Golett release them.” C.J. said, Golett following the command thereafter. “Go now or I let them attack.” C.J. said to the Magby, who wasted no time departing. “Good job Golett, now return.” C.J. said recalling the Ghost. “You two did wonderful as well.” he said to his other two Pokemon.

Ax wandered over to Trunks. “woww~ you evolved. That’s awesome. To bad it didn’t happen when you fought Chomp, that would have been cool.” she said looking over Trunks’ new form. C.J. walked over to Issac, “Good job,” he said calmly, “you handled that disadvantage really well.” Of course, he would never openly say the thoughts that went through his head during the battle. Well, at least not to a friend.

Soo, do you want to keep looking around here or would you rather just head back. I don’t see any signs of Druddigon here.” C.J. said, while looking around the cave. He was pretty disappointed that he didn’t complete his goal yet, but there was always another day.

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