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Levina ~ Cape City

This wasn’t going anywhere fast. Neither Pokemon wanted to give in. It was pointless for them to be sitting there when there were so many Pokemon begging to be slaughtered. Levina glared at Snype when, he too, let out a yawn as if to mimic her. “Concern? For you? Puhhlleeeaassseee…….I don’t even know you really. You’re just a Pokemon who is willing to play this little game with me. Nothing more. I could find another Pokemon, or force one, to play with me.” Levina stood and shook her body slightly to help rearrange Snype into a more comfortable position for her. “Very well……if it is speed you want, it’s speed you will get. Don’t go crying to me when you get a boo boo.” As soon as Levina finished her sentence she lunged forward into a full speed sprint. The force of the lunge was enough to knock her passenger off if he didn’t hold on tight. In a blink of the eye the two had gone down two city blocks. Levina looked back to see if Snype had managed to hang on.