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Originally Posted by flygonstorm View Post
Here is my updated apperence-

Avatar Appearance: Gale was designed to be the perfect James, or atleast in appearance. Gale stood at five feet six inches, four more inches thanJames’s actual height. His weight was one hundred and twenty pounds which wasmore than James weight. The eye color was a light brown with a green tint. Likehis hair, Gale’s hair was also a light brown. Because they did not have James’snatural hair style, Gale had a short, professional hair style.

For clothing he had chosen black jean, and a dark blue button up shirt. Incontrast his shoes where bright neon green. The only reason for that decisionwas the fact that they were running shoes. He hoped that if he pressed the Bbutton he could run faster. James also equipped Gale with a one strap backpack sohe would not ruin the emersion. His backpack was abright red, with small silver feathers for zippers. It had two large pocket anda small side pocket.
Alright you are accepted! Feel free to begin posting in any of the open areas. You have to do the quests to get the pokédex/pokégear and the Old Rod. Just remember to keep your spelling as good as it was in this updated appearance ;)

Btw I feel like I have forgotten to update some captures. Could everyone please check the player list in the first IC post and see if there are pokémon that should be there but aren't?
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