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Originally Posted by dbp View Post
*double blink* Wha... wow, really? That's the reason I couldn't stand Johto. I've always referred to the region with people I know iRL and others online as "Japan played (painfully) straight". Trees and mountains, mountains and trees. Blech. Even the Pokemon of that generation bored me to tears. That's also why Houen was my favorite, so much variation. I feel like a video game should be the last thing to emulate real life to a T, especially when said game touts itself as a fantasy.

Of course, I'm not trying to make a thing out of it or have a go or something. :) It's just, I've never heard anyone that has ever preferred Johto because it's so... minimal. That's astounding to me, honest. Well, I think it's cool, I like to see new interesting perspectives.
I don't think anything's wrong with "playing Japan (painfully) straight". Jotho's story line was very heavily based on the Legends surrounding the region, and I think the whole lay-out of the region helped to amplify that. As an outsider, I think the whole Japanese/Asian building style and what not, helped to create that feeling of the region and its inhabitants being close to legends and myths of old. With Ho-Oh being based on the (asian) Phoenix I think it connects quite nicely.

Jotho is my favourite region as well, followed closely by Hoenn and Unova, for the exact reason that it's less industrial than Kanto and one of the more rural regions. I might be biased as I adore mountainous areas, though. ;3

As a reply to the OP, yes, I was aware of the regions being based on RL areas.

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