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First update on my Storm Silver run.

Chose the female avatar and named her Artemis.
Named the annoying rival Kaname.
Completed the Mr.Pokemon's errand and found my first pokemon, a Starly, on route 29! Unfortunately I kill it with a critical tackle.
Found a Jigglypuff on route 46, named her Killer, then boxed Chikorita. Farewell!
Obtained an old rod in the next town. Sweet. Caught a Magikarp in newbark town, but unfortunately it dies to a wild pokemon soon after...
I then catch a Krabby in cherrygrove city, Krawler!
Caught a cute Surskit on route 30, his name is Syrup.
I battle all the trainers without much effort, but then Killer dies to a critical.
Caught a Cascoon on route 31, evolved it soon after into a Dustox. Welcome to the party Trancer!
I go for a quick trip inside the dark cave, and find a Teddiursa. I had to waste all my pokeballs, but atleast I managed to catch him. His name is Crescent.
Reached violet city, rushed quickly to the mart to get new pokeballs.
Caught a Mareep on route 32, named him Pharaoh.
Caught a Staryu in Violet city with the old rod, named 'her' Almalexia.
I then train my party a bit and go for the sprout tower. There, I catch a Rattata, but it dies soon after.
Cleared the sprout tower, Pharaoh evolves, he is now a Flaaffy!

Now all I've got to do in this city is defeat the gym leader, Falkner. I heal my pokemon and prepare to face him.

His first pokemon is a Doduo, no big deal. I one hit it with a thundershock! He then sends out one of his biggest threats, Pidgeotto, and while it manages to damage my Pharaoh seriously, I kill it.
Next is Swablu; I send in Krawler the Krabby, just to get a solarbeam in the face! That was a surprise. My Krawler is one shotted...

I send in Almalexia and she kills the Swablu in one hit with water gun. Falkner then sends in Farfetch'd! This pokemon got a BIG overhaul in this hack, and is now very strong.
Well, or so he should have been, since he died with one thundershock. Pharaoh is dominating! Chatot is next! Double kill!!
Falkner now only has one pokemon left, Murkrow. Pharaoh endures one hit with only 6 hp left, and paralyzes it. I send in Almalexia and win the battle with a critical.
I am very proud of my Pharaoh, he made this seemingly nasty battle quite easy!

My team and deceased as of now: