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Originally Posted by Cooldudepoke View Post
Just tried it. It crashed again. Okay maybe not "crashed" but it gives an error which I will post below and says continue or quit:


Also where did you get your list of scripts from?
As I'm working on a script editor, you seem to have more command names then me. I got my list from these forums pichu2000 I think... but alot of the commands from there end up like "unknown###" in my editor since they aren't on the list
I'm really sorry for that bug, I've noticed a typo in the loading code that probably broke HGSS support since previous versions of the tool. Now it's fixed and up again, just redownload the file from the same link and it'll work fine.

The script list was partially made by me by hand, that's why the version took so long to release. I first used PPRE's source code as a base for commands, then fixed some commands with Pichu2000's, and finally made a lot of work myself trying different combinations of commands until everything worked as expected. That means some commands may not be 100% correct, so if any of you sees something weird while reading scripts or has a command name suggestion (specially for unnamed commands), I'll be pleased to hear advice from you
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