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Free Space? Never needed it. Found it quite useless. I just rearranged my items from most important to least important and there you have it.

I didn't have very good experiences with this Free Space feature the first time I played B/W2. I started with the Japanese version because I couldn't wait any longer for the English version to be released in Australia, so everything was in Japanese. I can read Japanese, but I didn't know that there was such thing as Free Space. The first time I discovered about it was when I accidentally selected another option on something really important that I wanted to use. It suddenly disappeared and tried searching for it in the main bag space. When I couldn't find it, I was like "........damn. I must have deleted it." And THEN I tried making sense of the option that I selected. It said something like "Furii Supesu". Suddenly, everything clicked together and I switched to the Free Space and there that item was. Thank goodness! D:
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