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Accatosh "Blitzkried" Corronis

Accatosh thought for a moment, Paladin? He could have sworn he knew a Paladin. He pushed the thought aside and listened to the Golduck, who was called Penance.
..."And what makes you think we haven't been planning? That's what we do Vigil... plan." the Golduck stated. So a planner? Accatosh thought, however, "even the best plans of Sentenals and psychics often fail terribly." he let that thought press forward, certain that if the Psychics had actually linked with their minds that they would hear. He reluctantly followed them through the doorway that Penance opened, he was curious what these strategies were. when he could, he called out the Golduck's name, "Penance! if I may inquire, I would like to know your plans, I myself have some knowledge in strategy and I honestly would be interested to hear of your plans for taking the city."