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Originally Posted by jellicentfan1 View Post
While I wasn't a big fan of gen 4, I loved this feature. It was so fun digging and finding rare fossils and stones I would spend hours digging. I would love to see this return!
I agree so much!
Gen 4 was a bit meh to me... It was good but not as fun for me. But I did love the underground a lot. I think maybe since I am a fan of minigames. (In gen 3 I did contests a lot, and in games the game corner is in, I always played there a lot. Emerald was probably my favorite game, and I spent all my time in Mauville and Lilycove. XD) The underground in Gen 4 was a fun minigame. I would love its return but somehow I think they won't bring it back.

I think they probably will have some kind of new minigame(s) though. I enjoyed the underground in particular, since you move around your character and go to another interface to play the game. Whereas slots or roulette or card flip or Voltorb flip is just sitting and only playing the game. I thought the underground was well thought out and a great intro to the touch screen too, since Gen 4 was the first on the DS.

I hope whatever new minigames they do have are fun and very interactive though... Contests were fun because they had strategy and planning, and game corner stuff is fun because, well, um gambling is addictive?? XD Underground was fun because it was so interactive... But I don't like the Musicals in 5th gen much, since they are kinda less interactive than everything else... I have not done Pokestar Studios much (only the required one) since I've just been kinda lazy. lol But I hear it's fun from my friends, I think something like that could be good too.

But what I loved about the Underground is you didn't have to be in a specific location in game, and it's not really that tedious to get prizes (like the game corner). You can just go down there whenever, run around a little bit unti you find the spot to play, and you get the prize right there. I hope Gen 6 can have a nice game that has interactivity, and easy playability (no having you go all the way to some location, or at least have it in multiple places). And it's good if it's multiplayer-optional. You can do it with friends but you should be able to get a good experience out of it alone too.
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