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Gwen Deallus - LOCATION

Amber sniffed at the Sableye's hand in curiosity. After watching the pair of them for a moment, Gwen turned her attention back to Mark.

"Raikou dorm huh? that's great! Until now I hadn't met a single person from Raikou! Hmm, you think the cafeteria would still be open? I'm headed that way" Gwen said.

Although she wasn't all that hungry, it seemed like a decent excuse to wander around for a bit, that and she knew that Amber was probably quite hungry, at least she wouldn't turn her nose up at some decent food anyway.

Gwen already felt like the academy was home, she thought briefly about where she had grown up, but avoided thinking about it for long as if she did she knew that she would start to miss it, and her parents.

"Do you know if there are any forests on the island? I grew up in a rural town, I liked the forests there."

She thought for a while about how her and Amber had originally met, and if all trainers had such stories for their Pokémon. She was sure that Mark and Snype probably had a few good stories, but it wasn't surprising really, Gwen had only been on the island for a day and she already had stories. Resigning herself to the fact that a trainers lives were simply packed with adventure whether they like it or not, she motioned for them to begin walking and headed towards the cafeteria.
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