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It's thrilling (and exhausting) to think about ^^

Also, we just had a discussion on skype and I think we decided on this, regarding battles and life and death.
  • You white out if all of the pokémon in your current team faint.
  • You can give away a pokémon, trade a pokémon or leave it in a PC or hand it in at a pokémon center and it will no longer be on your team. You can move around inside a pokémon center without dying even if your pokémon are being healed and are not on your team at the exact moment. Don't go outside though.
  • Players can steal other players pokémon. NPCs usually don't steal pokémon. You can usually not steal a NPC's pokémon. If your last pokémon is stolen, you die.
  • When battling another player, you can choose the number of pokémon to use. You don't have to use all on your team, which makes possible rather safe player vs player battles.
  • When battling NPCs, they have a set number of pokémon on their team and you both battle until theirs or your team is all fainted.
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