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Nathaniel Calaway- Atlantean Relief Center, London, England
October 31st, 2012

"I guess. My name's Oakley," she said before pausing for a moment. "Thank you. For, for the jacket."

"No worries. It's actually a bit warm out for my taste anyway," Nathaniel said without much thought trying to break the ice. The new ability made him admire the cold. That or he simply preferred the cold now. With a deep breath, He leaned back against the wall, trying to get as comfortable as possible all things considered. The ground was hardly a comfy sofa, so getting comfortable was probably a pipe dream. Can't fault him for trying. He didn't know how long he had to wait for his name to be called or be processed or whatever strange behind the scenes conspiracy would take place between now and whenever he could leave, so getting comfortable and making a few friends (or at least one) seemed like the most reasonable idea. Oakley, though, seemed like a project to befriend. Not impossible though, but difficult.

Truthfully, Nathaniel had no idea why he chose to approach the small blonde girl in the first place. Perhaps he felt bad for her. She appeared to be younger than most of the others here. She was maybe what…16, 17 years old. That places her in the midst of high school. Dramatic years those were for Nathaniel and he managed to avoid the bulk of it. Also, he couldn't help but notice the cast on her arm. Nathaniel broke his wrist a few times, but never an arm. He was curious as to why she had her arm all wrapped up. Some kind of accident maybe? Probably better to not ask.

Bored, Nathaniel gently ran his fingers through his hair, trying to soak his hands before cupping them together, one on top of the other. His eyes narrowed a bit as he focused on his hands. In a few seconds, Nathaniel removed the top one and lying in the palm of his other hand was a sculpture of a wolf in mid leap. It was far from a flawless sculpture, revealing that Nathaniel was not a masterful artist quite yet. "I'm not sure if you are big fan of sculptures or wolves for that matter, but here is a gift. From one Atlantean to another," he said as he offered the small token of friendship to Oakley. Hopefully that would get the shy little girl to start talking.

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