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Haha yes Stunky's face does resemble a butt somewhat.... but I can see what you're getting at Ozzy :3. I think the first time I saw its design, I flinched thinking it was one of the most awful creatures I'd ever seen in existence, but I think why most people like it is because it's one of those smallish Pokemon? I don't know if that makes sense at all but most people think Pokemon that are tiny are adorable. Also it is a NFE Pokemon so that might be also where the fondness of it is coming from, but I really don't know. There's this spark about it for me, it has this great, useful typing and looking at it closer something struck me. It looked adorable, alright I'm going to admit those eyes still creep all of the daylights out of me, but...I can't explain what is so good about it. :(

Really it's one of those things I can't put into words. I think I liked it eventually, after admiring how powerful and great skunks were. Skunks are foul and filthy, but honestly appearance wise they actually look adorable. :3. Never judge a Pokemon by its looks :D. Also do I need to fill out another sign-up form seeing as my old account was already a member? XD