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Agnes Johansson - Stockholm, Sweden

As Agnes was standing in line, minding her own business relatively much, hands suddenly grabbed her waist and pulled her close. She had time to see a fluffy rim of a garment before a voice whispered into her ear. "You are beautiful, and that landing of yours outside really improved my day, thank you."

Her face turned red in one second flat. Instinctively, she pushed the other woman away and flew up two meters up into the air. The queue around her pointed and gave her annoyed shouts like "hey, don't use your power here!" but when Agnes finally really looked at who had done it, she was a bit too stunned to listen to them.

It was a beautiful girl clad in sexy santa clothing, is the best way to describe her as. What on earth could be that lunatic's power? Two guards moved in on the queue, heading for them. Agnes let out a "uh-oh", and slowly leveled back to the ground, hands up apologetically once again. The guards wouldn't let themselves be charmed this time around though. One of them grabbed Agnes' arm and tried to pull her out from the queue.

"Hey, stop that! I just accidentally flew a little - owch! - it's natural for us, it's just like sneezing for you - ow, let me go! Stupid human!!"

The last line made several people in another queue turn around and look at her with wide eyes. Had she just called him a human in a sense as if she was not? As if she was a superior Atlantean? Agnes' angry face at this time certainly made it look like she had meant it that way. And truth was, when these imbecile guards thought she wanted to kill everyone or something just because she flied a little, she really did consider them dumb. Humans or not.

"Help me, santa!" she called out to the girl who had grabbed her just now. She didn't know exactly how she believed that she could help her; maybe by talking sense into the guards, saying it was her fault for surprising Agnes, or something. But she couldn't know how 'Santa' would interpret her plea for help.

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