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Quote originally posted by k-van:
Also the double battles that you scripted with just one trainer are a bit buggy. I had one pokemon left, but because it was a double battle, the game thought I had two pokemon alive. So at the start of the battle, I sent out my living poke, as well as the last poke that died. But it had 0 health. it let me choose a move for it to use but when the fighting came, it did not make its move and the ai did not target it either because it was dead.

Lets just call it the living dead glitch or the zombie glitch lol.
It's a Fire Red "feature"... how many times do I have to repeat it? :D
DRG, please advise your scripter that he checks the sum of player's Pokémon before engaging in double battle :D

Quote originally posted by 4thGenAce:D:
(but would that make Umbreon more than a legendary too? XD)
Umbri is a legendary :D

Quote originally posted by cheatfreak23:
OK, I know it's supposed to be a harder than normal hack, but come on: Throwing Lvl 50 Pokemon at me before I even fight the 3rd Gym? Im glad I used Gameshark Codes to power level my team up. I barely survived so far, and my Salamence is Lvl 66!
Huh...? I don't know about you, but it can be defeated without GS...

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Seriously man You tired of leveling up with VS Seeker and Lucky Eggs........ What can I say more????
Well... Lucky Eggs kinda aren't available before the 3rd gym, y'know? =D
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