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Quote originally posted by Shiny Celebi:
Hammerhead shark
Hammerhead shark? What about Dominatou? Cross between dominator (sharks are at the top of ocean food chain), and chuí tóu shā (Chinese for Hammerhead shark). Dominatou could be a physical sweeper, another glass cannon. The pre-evolution of Dominatou could be Chuisha (chuí tóu shā). Water/Dark just like Sharpedo

I like the swordfish idea, why not Swardish (sword and fish). And its evolution could be Barrablade (such a cool name, cross between Barracuda and blade), Barrablade looks like a swordfish with a massive steel blade instead. Either water/fighting or water/steel, probably water/fighting because a swordfish would naturally be an offensive animal, and fighting is much more offensive than steel.

The Griffin idea seems pretty cool, maybe it could be a pseudo legendary. It could have 3 stages (like most pseudo legendaries): Griffy , Griffain, and Griffalix. I'm not sure what its typing should be, Dragon/Flying is so overused, but Fire/Flying would probably be the best choice. Perhaps it could be a bulky pokemon like Tyranitar, instead of a glass cannon.
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