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Originally Posted by Shiny Celebi View Post
Hammerhead shark
Hammerhead shark? What about Dominatou? Cross between dominator (sharks are at the top of ocean food chain), and chuí tóu shā (Chinese for Hammerhead shark). Dominatou could be a physical sweeper, another glass cannon. The pre-evolution of Dominatou could be Chuisha (chuí tóu shā). Water/Dark just like Sharpedo

I like the swordfish idea, why not Swardish (sword and fish). And its evolution could be Barrablade (such a cool name, cross between Barracuda and blade), Barrablade looks like a swordfish with a massive steel blade instead. Either water/fighting or water/steel, probably water/fighting because a swordfish would naturally be an offensive animal, and fighting is much more offensive than steel.

The Griffin idea seems pretty cool, maybe it could be a pseudo legendary. It could have 3 stages (like most pseudo legendaries): Griffy , Griffain, and Griffalix. I'm not sure what its typing should be, Dragon/Flying is so overused, but Fire/Flying would probably be the best choice. Perhaps it could be a bulky pokemon like Tyranitar, instead of a glass cannon.
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