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Bug: Ledyba/Ledian - I generally like bug Pokemon but these two are just completely useless.
Dark: Sableye - I have to say Sableye because it's just uninteresting and too frail despite having no weaknesses which means it's severely outclassed by Spiritomb.
Dragon: Altaria - This should be obvious. I like it as a flying type but not as a dragon.
Electric: Stunfisk - Meh...
Fighting: Meditite/Medicham - Never liked these two, they do have an interesting dual type though.
Fire: Heatmor - The ONLY fire type Pokemon I will never love. I've tried using it before and it was complete (tries to think of an appropriate word...) garbage.
Flying: Farfetch'd - Five generations and a sixth on the way and this thing is still as useless as it was when it was first created.
Ghost: Sableye - I really don't like this Pokemon.
Ground: Stunfisk - Still meh...
Ice: Glaie - Glalie has nothing that stands out about it like other ice types.
Normal: All of the early game rats that can learn Hyper/Super Fang (Raticate,Bibarel etc.)
Poison: Garbador - Did we really need Muk in a trashbag?
Psychic: Unown - Do I have to explain this choice?
Rock: Corsola - Really outclassed by other water/rock types and I think it's in desperate need of an evolution so it'd be useable.
Steel: Durant - I hate these things with a passion.
Water: Bibarel - I like how they tried to do something different with the generic Raticate in fourth generation but, it didn't turn out too well.

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