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It has been 1 year since Red won the Pokémon League in Kanto.
On a Thursday Night, in Pallet Town, a large group of people were celebrating the Birthday of their Hero, Red, who is yet to step down from his position as champion.
The next day, at his lab, Professor Samuel Oak was found dead. He was inspected and it appeared to be murder or manslaughter (a knife wound). Forensics analyzed the lab and noticed a hair of the champion Red, as well as fingerprints on the knife found on Oak's chest. Police officals immediately decided on hunting down Red, and bringing him to justice.

However, the Police Force operated in the East of Kanto mainly and had Headquarters there. The West of Kanto did not believe their hero to be a man who would commit such a crime. Thus the region became seperated in two, the Royal Forces of East Kanto (RFEK) and the Rebel Forces of West Kanto (RFWK). War has broke out on two people with two beliefs on their hero Red, who has mysteriously disappeared.

Your name is Torch, a 16 year old boy born in the town of Pallet, one of the safest towns of East Kanto. You have been training to join the Army of the RFWK for most of you life and now you are finally ready to recieve a pokemon and be a soldier! Since you have been specially trained by War Veteran Lance, you are assigned as a soldier who works alone in different matters around Kanto. You receive a pokemon to assist you from the RFWK. You embark on various different missions, slowly unlocking the truth on who is behind the RFEK and why they hate Red, where Red is, what has happened to Green and what the identity of the RFEK's Pokémon Tamer D is. Badges are won from various ways, you can get the Boulder Badge through casually fighting Forrest (Pewter City Leader) in a friendly, or by battling Janine, who has joined the RFEK since they are the law and all Ninja must abide by the law.

The RFEK functions like this.
They have Pokémon Tamer D, a Trainer who uses Dark energy and has very poweful Pokémon. He claims to be one of the Generals of the RFEK, and is shrouded in mystery.
The RFEK have Elite Four member Koga and Gym Leader Janine thus use Ninja, who act as one of the common enemies.
Various Footsoliders of the RFEK or even the RFWK asking for friendlies will be the common enemies.
Wild Pokémon are there.
Takes place in Kanto, but like 16 years later.
Hoenn, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova etc are referenced as either fighting as allies of the RFEK or the RFWK. It's similar to WWI

Deep story, deep potential. What do you think?
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