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Caption Contest

N: ...!
Ghetsis: Ergh...I'm not going to ask...y'know, Red stood on Mt. Silver in the cold for 3 years, and uttered those same 'words' when I spoke to him up there. And people say I'm crazy...
Purrloin: PURR??? PURRLOIN?! (Translation:WTF is Master doing with Misty's umbrella??? What happened to the one I brought him for Christmas?!) *cries*


Wow, the anniversary for Black and White Versions just snuck up on any case, it's really nice to see an event commemorating these games! :D (regardless of what I think of their quality..although their lovely sequels did Unova much more justice, IMO.)

I would've loved to enter the B3/W3 contest, but I'm on spring break next week and won't have much access to a computer... Still, I like the concept of such a pair of games, though...

And for the record, I thought the Pokemon in the picture-for-caption was an Espeon at first rather than a Purrloin...mainly by the color of the Pokemon's skin, but then again, it lacks a forked tail with 2 prongs, which Espeon would have... XD
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