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Originally Posted by jkyriac View Post
Hey dude, let me just say i found your tutorial to be plain awesome. Still, it didn't fix my problem, can you help me out?
I want to play pokemon pinball sapphire and ruby, i can play other games and followed all your steps, but i'm still getting a white screen. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
This tutorial is only meant to get the emulator to recognize games with a custom header.
You're talking about a regular GBA game.

After a quick Google search, I believe it is the emulator itself that is the problem. Try an official release of that emulator. kai was a copy and the original dev didn't approve of it's creation. I know newer versions of GBA emulators were released, so that being said. Start there.

I haven't had a working PSP in years, so I can only help you by what I can remember and search for.
As we say in the IT field, Google is your friend!
(Albeit, sometimes you have to know what exactly to search for.)
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