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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
Time for me to post my opinion!

I'd love it of X/Y were to have their own gimmick like Black and White did! I thoroughly enjoyed Black City, and it got even better when they included a battle facility in it, so maybe they could include something like that in the games? I mean, as long as it has a battling facility I don't really care, but still. xD; I just want something to do as far as this gimmicks are concerned, and to not be bored, though I can't say Black City/White Forest were that boring by any means, I just wish there was kind of more to do with them, I suppose.
There's only really so much they could do/offer to reduce boredom, really. A battling facility probably wouldn't occur there, at least not in the first version imo. Maybe in the third game...??
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