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[ Jasper Reed ]

"Phase One of the E8 Project commences today. Please proceed according to plan."

Jasper groaned and fought his every desire to turn around and stay in bed. He’d been awake for a little bit, residing in that pleasant state between dreaming and fully waking and goddammit, he didn’t want to come out of it. Jasper was not a morning person.

With great effort he threw the blankets off of himself and got out of bed. He zombied his way over to the bathroom and hunched over the sink, splashing water in his face to clear away the fogginess of sleep. Today wasn’t a day he could afford an unclear mind.

“So they finally started it, hm?” he muttered to himself, running a wet hand through his curls in an attempt to make them a bit neater. Honestly, Jasper was relieved. They’d been on lockdown in the base for a little while now and he’d been going absolutely stir-crazy. What’s more, he hadn’t been able to talk to Johannes since then. He’d give his right arm to talk to him, Johannes always had a way of making sense of things while Jasper’s brain didn’t produce anything comprehensible. Now, more than ever, he could use some sense, everything had gone to madness since the death of Xarius.

His death didn’t bother Jasper at all, he’d always thought the guy a smug bastard. Jasper never did play well with others, but Xarius managed to press all his buttons. Good riddance, really. He didn’t know what he’d do if Xarius had ended up being his boss. No, Jasper was very happy with the turn of events.

Unfortunately there were others that knew that.

Jasper changed into the first Henley he grabbed –a dark grey one- and a pair of jeans and tied his combat boots, in no hurry to meet up with the others. He wasn’t overly fond of most of the other E8, and didn’t mind passing over first choice of Pokémon for a few more blissful moment without anyone annoying him.

He was still pissed that they’d taken his previous partner from him, a loyal Poochyena. He wasn’t the strongest to battle with, but Jasper didn’t give a rat’s ass about battling. He had, however, been useful standing watch or checking out corners. No one was surprised of a roaming Poochyena out at night. What’s more, he had served as a very comfy pillow too. He and Jasper had been bros, until the Rockets decided to take him out of “safety precaution”. Jasper was a little worried, not every grunt was as eager to bro with their partners as Jasper had been.

Nothing to do about that now. Jasper grabbed his black gloves and stuffed them in the back pocket of his jeans, just in case, and set off to the canteen.

He hung back in the doorway for a second, scanning the room for those had arrived yet. He recognized a few, none of which he was very fond of, so he quickly moved over to the table. There were a couple of balls set aside, each with a note on the top.

Venipede? Good reach but too slow. Litwick? Its evolutions would be very useful, but Jasper didn’t feel like having to train it first. Training meant battling. Scraggy? Impeded movement, it wouldn’t work. Purrloin? Very nimble and cats can reach high places. There was the possibility of an attitude problem, and cats weren’t as loyal as dogs were, but he could work with it. He picked up the ball and looked around, what now?

There were chairs arranged in a semi-circle, with many already occupied. He quickly scanned the faces to see what he was dealing with. Most were younger than him, including a blue-haired kid in a Rocket suit that looked like he was barely out of his diapers. He just wasn’t certain about the freaky pale lady with the weird lipstick. She gave him the creeps with that smile… he’d be sure to avoid her in the future.

Not wanting to mingle with anyone he moved towards the wall with windows instead of sitting down in the chairs. He leaned against the wall, looking outside, rotating the ball mindless in his hand while waiting for this to be over.

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