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Originally Posted by BrownJam View Post

Take your time, take all the time you need. But I've been like a crack addict looking for a new Fakemon game. Despite all the hatred for it I loved Pokemon Quartz (in a messed up, this is terrible kind of way) and your fakemon look amazing! Like he Minnowhite line is WAY better than the Oshawott line (...maybe not Dewott, but Tanchor>Samurott)

I look forward to watching your progress.
I'll work as much as I can to get this done, don't worry. Haha.

And thank you! Personally, I didn't really want to play Black and White when I saw Oshawott (that's just my opinion; no offense to those that like Oshawott and the games), I didn't think it had the original "water starter" feeling that you get with Squirtle or Totodile. Thus, I made Minnowhite, which I'm hoping brings that feeling back.

I see you've also looked at my Pixel Art thread, or else you wouldn't know that I made Tanchor. So thanks again, I appreciate it. :D
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