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Oh, hello there, Dee! Welcome to PC! I'm synerjee, but you may call me syn. It's really nice to meet you! :D

You seem like a really nice person! It seems like lots of people have introduced themselves already. People here are really friendly, so you'll be sure to make lots of friends! Hope you're already quite well-versed with the many things you can do around this place. Do make yourself comfortable and at home!

I've read that you're interested in pixel art and making games? I suggest starting off with Creative Discussions, a place where you can discuss or perhaps share a few of your works with others in the Art & Design section, and also the Game Development section where you can find all things about making games. I'm sure you'll fit right in! Don't forget to visit other sections too! :3

Well, that's all for now~ If you have any questions, feel free to give the mods here (bold blue usernames) a ring! If you just want to chat or to make a new friend, do drop by my profile and leave me a VM. Enjoy yourself here and hope to see you around! ^^

- synerjee.
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