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Originally Posted by Student D1 View Post
There are many other Fire-type Pokémon that are way stronger than Volcarona, and they may have a better movepool than it. In my White, I already have a Chandelure, and in my White 2, I own a Growlithe.[/COLOR]
The fact Volcarona has Quiver Dance alone would mean it's already better than Chandelure and Arcanine, but it also has a gigantic Special Attack stat and just about every move it needs to eliminate the opposition. Its only flaw is a big Rock weakness, and maybe a inferior Ability, but its Ability covers its poor physical defensive side quite well. You won't want to attack Volcarona with a Special move, but a physical contact move may burn you.

Volcarona is faster than Chandelure and has higher attacking stats than Arcanine. Arcanine can go mixed, but Volcarona has dual-STAB. It's the undisputed best Fire-type Pokémon in the game, and might even be better than Reshiram itself. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise...

EDIT: Since it learns a move only every 10 levels, it's wise not to use Volcarona during the story, though. But my argument still stands.

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