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The ground began to shake and Kaiba soon noticed that Draco's eyes were burning with rage. "That violent aura I'm sensing from you...what has awakened such rage?!" Kaiba was actually quite afraid of his servant and his violent aura. While he knew that Draco was feisty in battle and he was rebellious against Kaiba being his king but never had he seen Draco in this state. Kaiba continued to state down at his partner but he didn't dare move his hand or body closer in fear he WOS be actually attacked. "Respond to your KING!!!" Draco snapped his head as fast as he could. "Quiet down you annoying King! I sense a very powerful enemy approaching us at this moment. I fear that this won't be any small fish like the corrupted rookies. We are officially tackling the Champion level beast and we are in danger." Draco lowered his claws at Kaiba. "In my land I could scrap with the best of the champion digimon, but they weren't on this level...we may be in danger once we go back outside. We need to go support those people out there. Together we won't get...completely...murdered." Kaiba shook his head. "You have little faith in your king, but that's how I shall overcome this threat. Let us head outside and assist that peasant and his partner. I'll crush this enemy and be one step closer to creating the kingdom worthy of my radiance." Kaiba puts his fist out to give Draco a fist bump. "Come now my servant." Draco acknowledged Kaiba and returned the fist bump. "Let's go destroy this enemy and keep it going for your stupid kingdom." Both of them head out to the stairs of the town hall.
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