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*Nah its ok, it could've been any three of you

The sandstorm was getting worse. "Shadow!" I yelled but there was no response, Flygon flew higher and higher. We broke the sandstorm and then I realised something, Sinnoh was spliting into the 17 types. Fire was raging on Iron Island, Twinleaf Town had Frozen over, Pal park was covered in Metal shards and Snowpoint looked like a mix between a giant forest and a big Grassy Plains. Something was amassing in Snowpoint Temple. I called Torrent, he responded "Omega! Stay away from Lake Verity" he yelled it must've been a bad reception where he was. "Torrent! They've tapped into each Guardian's power. I'm going to head for Spear Pillar" I spoke as clearly as I could, Shadow came onto the speaking frequency "Omega where did you go, I got stuck in Oreburgh" Shadow said. From what he described Oreburgh was floating like the Psychic Pokemon had take over. "You two regroup at Spear Pillar find out what is going on their I'm going to go check Snowpoint Temple something is amass

Sinnoh's Distorted Type Form

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