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Just Finish this here...

Name: Damian Pierce

Sex : M

Age : 26


Damien Pierce and the rest of Razerback deploying; June 1979.

Personality (How does your character act in certain situations? How is he/she in general?): Damien is a (normally) level headed Officer. He is on the easier to annoy but he normally doesn't mean what he says when he's mad, he's just blowin' off steam. Damien does have a negative disposition to all the pokemon in Hoenn. Some say Damien acts well under stress, he doesn't think so, but then again it's hard to judge yourself. He can sense that others don't trust him, most likely because he is PMC; He doesn't blame them... On the other hand, he tries to be as trusting of his troops as possible, he will often take advice on tactics if a soldier has a better idea. Damien is also more skilled with tactics, as being trained with no rules of war to have to abide by. This also makes him seem merciless sometimes.

History (Events that took place in your character’s past. Please send this to me in a Private Message, secrets play a big role in this RP: -----------

Rank (see list above): Lieutenant

Specialization (I'm going to use this to put training.): Para-Military soldier training. HR grade Officer training.

Preferred Weapon : Just his standard issue PMC equipment (If you need to know what any of the terms mean, just ask)

Primary: M416 chambered in .300 Blackout. -Threaded barrel-
Secondary: NightHawk 1911 GRP Recon -Silenced, Taclight, Laser- -Threaded Barrel-
Melee: ACB-90 Knife
Gadget 1: M-67 HE grenades
Gadget 2: M-84 Stun Grenade (Flashbang)

Taking inventory before an op.

Other (anything else not covered above?): Damien has a way of getting.......... Resources

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