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I'll probably get a PS4 sometime down the road. I'd like them to fix the whole "PSN games won't work" thing because I really hate that they've pushed digital games so hard on the PS3 only to turn right around and say "whoops, those can't be moved forward to the next console". :( But I haven't even touched the 360 in about a year and I have zero interest in the Wii U until they make a Pokemon Snap so it'll probably be Sony when it happens. I was really impressed with the PS3 in the end. Had a bit of a rough start but man Playstation Plus is great and I'd love to support the company longer just for that. They know how to treat their customers (usually :P).

I've already picked up the 3DS and PS Vita and my computer still handles most games I throw at it. I tend to prefer portable gaming so I can probably hold off on the next gen for quite a while.
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