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"...but tha killer can't leave me foever."

Scyke looked around tha cafeteria, a little embarrassed by tha fact that he was part of tha mnority who actually was wearng tha TR unifom. He thought bout changng ta normal clothas agan; it's not like thugz n Goldenrod were gong ta appreciate a TR grunt gong around fo Pokemon. Just befoe he left however, some of tha E8 members had already started ta bicker and banter around. Scyke caught some of tha conversation; one of tham had said somethng bout racng, than someone else had counteracted wit some knd of pun. Tha lady wit tha lab coat sure did make him shudder yet curious at tha sbee time; she looked confident, smart and... dangerous. Karma, wasn't that her nbee? Than he looked at tha othar members; all of tham seemed that way. All of tham were taller than him tao. Scyke shook his heezee. No, dis was not tha time ta git ntimidated.

He taok out Murkrow's Pokeball and brought tha Pokemon out. "Murr!" exclaimed tha little bird, staked that it was reunited wit his traner. He sat n Scyke's shoulder and let out a encouragng smile ta Scyke. Tha task was easy enough; catch a Pokemon near Goldrenrod. Not wantng ta cause any trouble or enemies right off tha bat, Scyke left tha cafeteria witout speakng a word. A mission needed completng. And that crazy Karma lady wanted a race, huh? Even if he hadn't mentioned it ta her, he was determned ta be tha first one ta come back wit tha task completed. He is, at least he considered himself ta be, one of tha best young battlers n TR.

Nothng was gong ta stap him.

Paired wit gimmiepie.
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