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When The Undertaker streak ends, that is when he will retire. HBK lost twice to The Undertaker to then retire. Triple H is already rumoring retirement, but his contract is apparently longer till 2014. That doesn't mean however that he will wrestle all the time and instead may take a "back stage" role.
Personally I am not a fan of most of the wrestlers today, right now I feel that most of the good wrestlers have retired. The only wrestlers that I like to watch on the WWE roster is The Rock, Chris Jericho and Kane.
Bret Hart said that Cena could never become a heel and that's why fans are tired of Cena always being a "good guy" or "baby-face" as it's known in the industry.
I have a bad feeling that Cena will beat The Rock to try and push the WWE brand with Cena more since he is "slipping" but I doubt fans will enjoy Cena being the champ.
If anything I'd like to see Chris Jericho win the Heavyweight Championship if it's possible !
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