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Underground, Again.

The Lilligant had gotten separated completely from Allora and Paladin in the thick of the illusionary battle, but somehow had managed to stay with the group, out of sight. Astrid followed the Nine-Tails and Golurk into the underground city escorted by some Golduck. Astrid had not been really paying attention to the whole ordeal that was being discussed her vine-like legs just move unconsciously with the group; she stayed quiet and out of sight when the group had come to the Underground Town.

Her unconscious mind overheard talking, but she had stayed disinterested, only peeking up when someone said something about a shop. The Lilligant shuffled over to the shop quietly to stock up on herbs, berries and medicines. She'd need them no doubt seeing as how much fighting they were doing since her discovering of the Gold Tribe survivors.

While in the shop, Astrid browsed the shelves and her mind. The Lilligant's mind thought back to her partner, Echo. How much joy they had shared together, how much experience they had attained together and the memories that would go to forever live with her. Sadness crept into her head when she thought about her former partner's death, how he was killed, sacrificing himself for her safety. A tale she no longer wanted to think about. In her mindless wander through the shop she had her items subconsciously and now stood outside. Allora and Golurk stood at the board talking with other Pokemon before they headed out again towards a tunnel entrance.

Astrid jogged to catch up and managed to slip in the back of the group. She weaved her way through the Pokemon and stood directly behind Allora and Golurk silently counting the items in her satchel. The the Golurk, named Paladin -- she had overheard, groaned out and collapsed into a lean against the wall of the tunnels. Astrid's heart nearly leaped out of her chest because the Golurk nearly fell on her. As the Golurk leaned against the wall, no doubt trouble Astrid cautiosly stepped forward to help him but he got up as quickly as he fell causing Astrid to jump again, frightened.

Astrid continued to follow the group staying close to Golurk to help him if any was needed, she needed to live up to her name after all: The Cleric.