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Originally Posted by Lakers562 View Post
Thanks donavannj!

What about:

Lugia - Neo Genesis
Raikou - Neo Revelations
Dark Espeon - Neo Destiny
Blaine's Charizard - Gym Challenge
Dark Blastoise 1st Edition - Team Rocket

BTW, my charizard and Venusaur are not shadowless :( . . . I WISH!
Sorry for the delay! Really busy these last few days!

Lugia Neo Genesis: Nothing consistent here in a small range. Goes for anywhere from $5 to $20, with $5 to $10 and $20 being the most frequent prices for sold completed listings.

Raikou Neo Revelations: $10 to $15.

Dark Espeon Neo Destiny: Sold as high as $16, but most commonly sold for $5 to 10 (by a very small margin).

Blaine's Charizard Gym Challenge: $10 to $15.

1st Edition Dark Blastoise Team Rocket: $12 to $16.
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