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Ohoho. There will be more baroness, in more than one way so to speak. You just wait ;D

What a lovely theme! Could I somehow beg you to make a Kanaya one for me to match yours with? :3

EDIT: Ahaha. I have decided that for now, my favorite Homestuck characters are definitely Meenah and Roxy.

Roxy has grown on me over time and regarding ♥-ships, I like to see her with Dirk.
Because he said "I don't see how [gay] has to be a thing" so that means he can't say he's gay and refuse her in that manner, right? ;p

Meenah is just badass and I think she'll be a heroine figure in some way before all this is over, heck, I even like her post-scratch version despite shenanigans xD And I ♦-ship Meenah with Aranea, I guess.

In the ♣-area, PastKarkat-Jade-FutureKarkat is a classic, even though it's weird and stupid. Jade♥Karkat is what I prefer after their adorable banter and caring logs in Act5. I know some don't agree with me but hey, that's what the shipping world is like ^^ No bashing in this thread please.
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