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Think it's about time I finished this. There are a few changes, but she's still just about the same character. Tell me what to fix, and it'll be done.

Name: Lune

Sex: Female

Physical Age: 20

Likes: Action, romance, and occasional tragedy

Dislikes: Boredom, seeing Tac in pain

Dreams: To take Tac to paradise, and finally be able

Fears: Tac's death, not being able to help him in times of dire need.


Lune is shorter than most, at 5'3", but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in strength. Despite this, Lune maintains a slim physique, which hides the strength that she possesses. She keeps her long hair loose most of the time, and rarely finds the need to do otherwise. She wears a dark purple dress, and black stockings. She often wears a pendant, which amplifies her usually weak magic. When it comes to fighting, Lune can summon a thin, yet very strong, sword, which she is quite proficient with.

Personality: Lune tends to be withdrawn and shy, but is very kind when you get to know her. She is usually straightforward when it comes to important issues, but otherwise can be mysterious with her words. She has come to see Tac as a sort of son, which has helped with her ability to protect him, which she does at any cost. It is this maternal instinct which has caused her to go to great lengths, more than she usually will go, to protect Tacent. She loves flying, and is mostly in the air, unless, of course, her doing so would cause damage, such as inside of a building. Lune finds herself intrigued with Tac's classes, and has learned much about the human race over the past years.

History: Watching Tacent grow up, Crecent always has lived in Washington, and is glad that Tacent leads a comfortable lifestyle. Exclude the fact that he was mute, and Crecent always found herself thinking about him. His mother a heart surgeon, and father a university teacher, Crecent knew that Tac was in reasonably good hands. Because they were both respected in their occupations, and held high positions, they both were paid well. Tac had plenty of income to play with, which suited Crecent just fine. Due to the amount of time his parents spent at work, Crecent found that Tac was pretty free throughout the day, so her job was reasonably simple.

Secret Code: "Watch"