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I suggest for extends the max time for reviving the threads to 4 months and make some warning before an user post in these threads.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Which parts of the "game development" process should this section focus on?
In people contributing for Essentials. The current ongoing projects. I wish a return of Screenshot of week, a very neat idea from Cilerba, maybe we can have something like "Tutorial of Month". If Maruno didn't want to make theses things, just points an active Showcase/Beginner's Showcase member like Nintendork15.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Should our focus be on Pokémon-related games only? Pokémon-related computer games only? Or should we have a broader scope?
I wish a focus in pokémon projects. I also wish a kind of connection with the Rom Hacking forum and vice-versa, they are very similar in several aspects.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
What can be done to encourage the community here?
Some events/emblems like Game of Month (don't give up, put an announcement on top bar with the finalists). The return of Game Development Monthly.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Do you think the layout of this section (and/or subsections) could be changed at all?
I guess that Tutorials are too divided in Essentials section and Tutorial and Resources, so how about removing the tutorial from Tutorial and Resources and making it more resources only or even fusing the entire section with the main section.

How about posting useful links (like a FAQ) in the main post of request thread? Several times the people request the same things and I post the same answer.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Game Dev isn't the largest or busiest part of the PokéCommunity, and it never will be.
Don't say it too absolutely. The section is very big.

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
The Game Development Thread needs to focus on everything Game Dev Related.
Not just RMXP. It seems everyone uses RMXP because they're too lazy to make their own engines, and the only decent engine is essentials.
Lazy? Don't reinvent the wheel!

Originally Posted by Yamiidenryuu View Post
A thread listing all the existing Pokemon Stater Kits for various game-making programs (in-progress or finished, assuming there're any finished ones that aren't Essentials) would be useful. I don't think there's a thread like that yet, is there?
I think that only an update to this thread should be enough.

Originally Posted by the__end View Post
It can be changed. :D
First I don't get why there are two "Showcases". Is it to divide the just started projects with more advanced ones? If so what benefits does it have if the activity in both Sub-Forums is almost dead? Instead of dividing "new" and "old" projects you should divide "Finished Games", "Games in Development", "Ideas" and "Game Graveyard". This way finished games will get more attention, all games currently developed are in one place, "Idea" threads wont distract from games that are actually developed and abandoned projects will rest in peace.

Like i said before the "Tutorials & Resources" Sub-Forum should be divided in two. Tutorials, Scripts and Programs in one Sub-Forum and Graphics and Audio Resources in another one. The Graphics & Audio Sub-Forum should get prefixes that determine the style the resources have. For example the prefixes can look like this: [RBY/GSC Style], [RSE/FRLG Style], [DPP/HGSS Style], [BW/BW2 Style], [Mixed], [Other]
There should be three kids of Tutorial prefixes in the "Tutorial, Scripts & Programs" Sub-Forum. One is the [RMXP Tutorials] prefix, the other one is [Essentials Tutorials] prefix and the [Other] prefix. The remaining prefixes in this Sub-Forum should be [Script], [Program] and [Misc.].
The "Archive" sticky thread should be replaced completely because it is outdated. The Resources offered there should be Essentials compatible.
The "Requests" sticky thread should be removed.

The Essentials Sub-Forum should be renamed to "Questions, Suggestions & Requests". If Essentials is the main focus of Game Development (which it currently is) there is no need for its own Sub-Forum. The "Download" and "Bug report" threads could be on the main page of game development as sticky threads. The "Suggestions" sticky thread should be removed and a "Suggestion" and "Request" prefix should be added. A "Fulfilled Request" prefix could be helpful to keep the overview. A "FAQ" sticky thread is needed as well (for RMXP & Essentials).

I think this way the people will get more attracted to visit the "Game Development" Section.
A sub-forum for 3 threads? I really wants to encourage finished games, but I disagree with this. You are making too many divisions! This section isn't active enough for this!
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