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Quote originally posted by Maruno:
I disagree on both points. Yes, Essentials is the best option for the average person, but it's certainly not the only option and we shouldn't restrict the alternatives. Yes, the majority of games here will be Pokémon-related, but there will be (and are) a couple which aren't, and those shouldn't be discouraged either. This is just the "Game Development" section, not the "Pokémon Games Made In Essentials" section.
I guess you are right.

Quote originally posted by Maruno:
That section could definitely use a bit of tidying-up, although I'm not sure how to do it. The two things are related, but are they enough to keep them in the same section? I just think perhaps that a stand-alone Tutorials section would be rather bare.

A stickied thread with links to all the tutorial threads could help, but it'd be a whole lot of effort.

A thread for each tutorial where you can discuss stuff is IMO better. But the tutorials should be in one place so that they don't mix with other threads.

Quote originally posted by Maruno:
That's how I see those two sections working, yes. I think it's the best way to split them up, because The Showcase takes all the "big" games so that they don't overshadow the beginning games and ideas. I've already mentioned that there's little difference between ideas and new games, and I don't think they need to be separated.
Did you ever thought about that so many people quit their games or don't even start because the so called "big" games get extra attention? The most games in "The Showcase" will not get finished anyways. So what makes the "big" games so special? That the author of the thread took the time to write an essay about stuff he hopes to include in his game instead of working on it? There is a reason why the more successful Rom Hacking section doesn't differ between new and old.

Quote originally posted by Maruno:
How about having a thread for each kind of resource, rather than having everyone make their own threads for a couple of sprites or tiles? The first post in each thread could list all the posted resources within it, with links. In that case, which threads are needed would need to be decided.
This is a good idea. Well there are three basic resources you need to make a game. Graphics Audio and Scripts. So making a request thread for each of them would be the most logical.

Quote originally posted by Maruno:
I think the Essentials section is fine as it is, although I'm not sure whether to encourage Essentials-specific tutorials to go in there or in the Tutorials & Resources section.
IMO it is wiser to collect all the Knowledge in one place. An Essentials prefix in the tutorials section should be enough to separate the Essentials tutorials with the other ones.

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